Friday, January 20, 2006

God's Minute

January 20

Walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us.--Ephesians 5:2

WE thank Thee, O God our Heavenly Father, for all of life's blessings. All we have comes from Thee, and all we do is by the strength Thou dost give us. Help us to love Thee with all our heart, and serve Thee with all our strength.

We bring our family to Thee, with all its members, in whatever place or condistion they may be, for Thy gracious care. If some are sick, or troubled, or tempted, be to them a great physician, a comforting friend, a might Saviour.

Bless our daily occupations, and, if it please Thee, make our way prosperous. If adversity be better for us, make us patient and faithful in trial. Help us in all our perplexities to know Thy will, and make us ever ready to do what Thou desirest. Make us a blessing in our church, and make our church a blessing to others. May Thy Word be a light unto our path, and a lamp to guide all who are in any darkness. Bless the work of this day, fit us for its duties and responsibilities, overrule all our mistakes, and pardon all our sins. We come to Thee as children to a dear Father, asking these and other things we need, for Jesus' sake.


S.S. Waltz, D.D.,
Louisville, Kentucky

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