Thursday, January 26, 2006

Why I blog about my dogs

Maybe I should have titled this "Why I blog."

Recently, my blog has been added to the GodBlogRoll. One of the categories I "fit in" is "home school." But if you're coming here to read about our homeschool, you are going to be disappointed. The regular readers here will tell you that I rarely, if ever, blog about it.

There are a couple of reasons for that. First of all, we've been doing school at home for eleven years. It's become so much a part of our daily lives that it's a bit like doing the laundry or cooking dinner. It's just what we do. Oh, we have our ups and downs, our major victories and our crushing defeats from time to time and some of them might even make interesting blog posts, but that really brings us to the second reason I don't blog about our home school. Reason Two is Sam. He really doesn't want to have his life chronicled on a blog for all to see. I don't blame him.

When I started blogging I promised my boys (my husband included) that I'd give them editorial privileges. That means I ask permission to blog about them and I give them a chance to read the draft before I post it up. We all like it that way. They never have to worry about what I'm going to blab about next.

The dogs, on the other hand, are another thing altogether. They have no awareness of the fact that I blog about them frequently. They have no editorial privileges. And they present me with goofy doggy antics every single day. (an allusion to Spurgeon: if you knew all the mischievous doggy antics I think about posting but never actually do, you would offer me hearty congratulations for my restraint. ) My eldest son, John, lives in Ohio and he enjoys the doggy posts. In his words, "I can still enjoy them 2 states away!" For him it's just a peek into what is going on at home.

So if the doggy stories aren't your cup of tea, that's OK. I understand. But I snapped a couple of really good pictures of Sam and Ivy this morning so, watch out! You might not like the next post!

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