Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thinking cap required

Doug, at Godward Thoughts, is writing an excellent series on "Moral Absolutism." This is an important topic and one that all Christians should, indeed must, consider and yet it is one that is too often set aside. This is where we live, folks. Our thoughts and our beliefs inform our actions.

Here are the links for the series thus far:

God's Moral Law and Absolutism

Moral Absolutism: Non-conflicting Absolutism

Moral Absolutism: Conflicting Absolutism

Moral Absolutism: Graded Absolutism

Doug not only gives us an overview of each position, he also tells us the leading proponents, the strengths and weaknesses of each position, and some book references as well.

Go visit Doug-- and don't forget to take your thinking cap . . .

update: I have updated the links to include the fourth, and last, installment of this series. Doug asks a penetrating question at the end: So where do you fit? Do you lean more heavily to a certain view, or do you reject them all and have a different theory?

I need my thinking cap--and another cup of coffee.

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