Wednesday, May 03, 2006



I just spent the last well-over-an-hour working on bringing my sidebar links up to date.

I was systematic. I was careful. I made an ingenious document in NotePad that I could copy/cut/ and paste from so that I didn't make any mistakes this time.

I made a lot of changes. And when I was all done, I congratulated myself and hit "Preview"

(insert primal scream and picture of "yikes!" girl here. . .)

Uh, oh! What in the world did I do to my template NOW? What a mess! No colors, no pictures, just a white background with black letters that looked suspiciously like my template--only as if it had been published.

So I hit the good old Remove Edits button (aren't you glad there IS a Remove Edits button?--I am!)

And now I need to start all over again. Sigh. Which means I need to put it off for another day because I've used up my blogging time already.

(I have used my "yikes" girl far too often recently)

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