Monday, May 29, 2006

True Confessions

OK, I really wasn't going to blog about this. It's really pretty embarrassing. But I am so proud of my boys that I decided I'd go ahead and tell you anyway.

On Friday afternoon I was backing out of the garage just like I always do, probably a little too fast--but then, I do it all the time. (Back out of the garage a little too fast, that is) It's a little tricky because it's a very small garage and the driveway is curved and curbed, so you have to cut it just right when you're backing out and then straighten it out real quick.

I think I zigged when I should've zagged or something. . .

The above picture was taken after we re-positioned the bumper and moved it back into place. It was much worse initially. The bumper was ripped three-quarters of the way off, the fender dented and the turn signal ripped in two. Sigh.

Here's the thing. We hate car payments. We make it a policy never to have more than one at a time. Tom's Volvo will be paid off next year, so I've been driving the old Camry until then. I like the Camry. And until Friday it was in really good condition. It always starts, it runs well, and it has been paid off for years. I like that. Even so, it's twelve years old and not worth putting a lot of money into at this point. So Tom and John decided that, rather than take it in for body work, they'd see what they could do to fix it themselves. (Look at their expressions. They are thinking, "How in the world did she manage to do this?")

They surveyed the situation and came up with a plan. A few trips to AutoZone and a few hours later, look what they did! In the driveway! With no body shop experience, no less!

You can hardly tell! Well, once we rub out the paint from the side of the garage, it'll look even better.

We are all impressed. Sam, frankly, can't believe it.

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