Wednesday, July 19, 2006

God's Minute

July Nineteenth

"Ye are not redeemed with corruptible things. . .but with the precious blood of Christ."--1 Peter 1: 18, 19

OH GOD, we would come to Thee with reverence and fear, for Thou art great in majesty and holiness, yet with confidence and love, for Thou art our Heavenly Father. Thou hast loved us with a great love. Thou hast redeemed us with a great Sacrifice. Forgive us for having sinned against Thee. As Thy children Thou dost desire us to be holy, that we may be like Thee. Help us not to thwart and disappoint Thee in Thy gracious desires and purposes. Cleanse us from all sin. Save us from pride and unbelief and self-will, from evil tempers and everything that is low and mean. Make us generous and forgiving. Perfect us in Thy love. Reveal in us Thy Son. Fill us with Thy Spirit. Dwell Thou in our hearts. Beautify us with Thy Salvation untill we shall indeed be lights in the world. Save and sanctify our loved ones. Oh, may not one lift up a rebellious spirit against Thee, or be indifferent toward Thee! Have mercy upon the nations and peoples of the world. Pity them that are wrapped in spiritual darkness and ignorance. Comfort them that mourn and are broken hearted. Bind up and heal the hurts made by sin and wrong. Overthrow oppressors. Outwit evil doers. Incline the hearts of all men to receive Thy Son as Saviour and Lord, to love Thy law, to do Thy will, to work for justice an truth, that Thy blessed kingdom of righteousness and peace may speedily come and fill the whole earth. In His Name, we ask these things.


Miss Eva Booth,
New York City, New York

NEW YORK CITY, touched to the heart by the great ocean calamity and desiring to do what it could to lighten the woes and relieve the sufferings of the pitiful little band of men and women rescued from the Titanic, opened both its heart and its purse.

The most careful and systematic plans were made for the reception and transfer to homes, hotels or institutions of the Titanic's survivors. Mayor Gaynor, with Police Commissioner Waldo, arranged to go down the bay on the police boat Patrol, to come up with the Carpathia and take charge of the police arrangements at the pier. . .

. . . Miss Eva Booth, direct head of the Salvation Army, was at the pier, accompanied by Miss Elizabeth Nye and a corps of her officers, ready to aid as much as possible. The Sheltering Society and various other similar organizations also were represented, all ready to take care of those who needed them.

Miss Eva Booth

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