Thursday, August 31, 2006

God's Minute

August Thirty-first

Let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God.--Hebrews 13:15

AS THE morning breaks gently upon us, O Lord, awaking us to consciousness and opening our eyes to the light and labor of each new day, before the blood-sprinkled mercy seat we bow. Here we would leave our sins, and loose and lose our weights, and find and cherish the full assurance of Thy favor. May Thy face be unobscured to us today. Give us grace to set our affections where Christ sitteth, that so we may be saved from all sordidness of thought, or word, or deed, and that our lives may draw their inspirations from high and holy things. Help us to cherish a tender regard for all the children of God of every name.

Our eyes are unto Thee, O God. Our hearts would find repose in the assurance of our acceptance in the Beloved. We would yield our members as instruments of righteousness unto Thee, that, by the gracious power of Thy Spirit, we may ourselves this day grow in grace and knowledge, and, by our ministry to others in Christ's name, bring some into an experience of His abounding grace.

Hear us, O Lord, because we pray in that sweet Name in which all Thy exceeding great and precious promises are sure.


Rev. Thomas T. Shields,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada