Sunday, October 08, 2006

And Easy Meme?

Last Week Carol tagged me for an easy meme. She gave me four words and asked me to share what they mean to me. I decieded to share the first thing that popped into my mind when I read them:


A certain quality (and quantity achieved) by Eve when she sees squirrels.

What I hope will happen to me eventually someday when I go to the coffee pot in the morning for my refill and remember I am only allowed one cup of coffee per day now.


What I hope my blog never is

That was easy. What isn't as easy is thinking up four clever words to pass to the next 4 people. So I am taking the easy way out. I am going to grab a nearby book and pick the 4th word on the first four pages in the fourth book on the shelf in front of me.

Beginning with the first chapter of The Pleasures of God, by John Piper:

1st page, 4th word: time

2nd page, 4th word: They

3rd page, 4th word: done

4th page, 4th word: attention

Wow! This will be very challenging. I wouldn't want to have to answer the second one! I can't wait to see what Miss Mellifluous, my new friend Shannon W., Eija and Rosemary do with these four words! (Shannon, you can leave your answers in the comments and I will move them up to the post, unless of course you decide to start a blog, in which case I'll link to your post!--hint, hint)

They must all give much time, thought and attention before their task is done!

Eija's is up!

Rosemary's are too! She answered twice!

The Divine Miss M's answers are up! (I needed a dictionary for one of her words!)

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