Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fall Fun Fest

My dear friend from Down Under, MissM asks:

How did it go?

It was wonderful!

Did it rain?

Not until the very, very end of the scavenger hunt. Which ended just before 5:30. Seriously. Ask anyone.

Did the children have fun?

We had a great turn out and it couldn't've been more fun! I think the parents had fun, too!

What games did you play?

Guess how many candy corns are in the jar.
A hard boiled egg on a spoon around the leaf bags relay
A walk backwards toe to heel around the leaf bags relay
A pumpkin spitting contest
A scavenger hunt (which included 40 hidden dog biscuits--only 17 were found. The squirrels will be busy!)
bobbing for apples (I forgot all about it once it started raining and we didn't remember until the kids were all washed up and ready for supper. The apples are still out in the back yard, floating in cold water)
Emptied the leaf bags, scattered them everywhere, and rolled around in the leaves

What food did you eat?

Hot dogs
apple cider
lemon bars
brown sugar spice cookies (They were delicious, Sue. They make a lot and I still have half the recipe to bake, too!)
pumpkin bread
toasted pumpkin seeds (recipe forthcoming)

What was the funniest thing that happened?

It had to be the pumpkin spitting contest! We had to do more than one round because the kids wanted to keep spitting!

I think we tired them out!

I'm sure they tired me out!

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