Monday, November 20, 2006

Giving Thanks in November II

  • November 20 I went along to the doctor's office with my daughter in law this afternoon. We had a such a good time together. We found the office with no trouble and she got in and out of the doctor's office quickly so we stopped for coffee on the way home. It's so nice to have a daughter after all these years of all boys! I'm very thankful for my daughter in law, Beth. She is such a blessing! I'm looking forward to having her here to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family.
  • November 19 Isn't it wonderful to have talented friends? Today I am, again, thankful for my friend, Jules. She designed my beautiful banner and has been wonderfully helpful to me in so many ways. I'm thankful for her generosity and patience and kindness toward me.
  • November 18 It's our anniversary! We've been married twenty-eight years today! I am thankful for every day that God has given us together and I'm looking forward to all that He has in store for us now and in the future!
  • November 17 Today I am thankful for Blogger. Yes, with all its quirks and problems, Blogger has allowed me to think outloud and share my dogs, my photos, and my life for over a year now--for FREE! Yes, for FREE. I was so frustrated last night that I was muttering against Blogger. But I realized today that this blog was made possible by Blogger at no cost to me and that I wasn't behaving thankfully or graciously. Please forgive me for my ungrateful attitude, Blogger.
  • November 16 This afternoon I met with the ladies of my small group book study. We are between books and today's gathering was a social occasion; coffee, tea, snacks and conversation. I am so thankful for each one of them; for the friendships we have developed, for the godly tenor of our conversations, for the laughter and the caring and encouragement we experience when we are together. Each one brings something unique to the group. Friendships that deepen and develop around the Word of God are such a blessing! Today I am thankful for godly friends.
  • November 15 I know I was thankful for my husband already this week, but since I am thankful for him everyday and since he was especially patient and longsuffering toward me last evening, I am especially thankful for him again. I got a brainiac idea to move a bookshelf from one room to another and move a recliner from the basement to the office, which of course ended up involving moving furniture in almost every room in the house when I didn't like my first idea. In the end, after about two hours of shuffling and stirring up dust, everything was put back in its original place except the bookshelf, which I had moved myself in the afternoon before he got home from work. This is not the first time I have moved furniture all over the place only to decide I didn't like it and asked him to move it all back. Did I tell you that he is patient? And kind.
  • November 14 Bathroom update: The second coat is on one wall and I love the color. I'm so thankful that after several long, painful days of painting (with several left to go) I can see now that I do like the color of the paint I chose for my bathroom! I just hope that by the time I get it all done, Blogger will cooperate and allow me to post pictures again.
  • November 13 I'm so thankful for my husband. He makes me laugh everyday and he is never cross or impatient even when he has a lot on his mind. He remembers the little things. We have fun together and I love him more and more every day.
  • November 12 It's Sunday and again, I am thankful for my church. This morning I was especially thankful for my Pastor and the care he takes in planning the service. We have a traditional Order of Service and from the Call to Worship to the Benediction, every hymn, every congregational reading and every aspect of the service proclaims the Gospel and supports and develops the topic upon which he is preaching. What a blessing it is to have the heart as well as the mind engaged in worship.
  • November 11Today is Saturday and I am so thankful for a hot shower after a long, busy day. Sometimes I take it for granted, but it is a wonderful thing to have an endless supply of clean, hot water beating down on the back of your neck after a day of painting. This is the first time I've painted while wearing trifocals. It was interesting, to say the least. Even though at times I wasn't sure which "focal" to look through, I am thankful for my glasses. Wouldn't want to "cut in" without them!

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