Monday, November 06, 2006

God's Minute

November 6

As thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee.--Matthew 8:13

OUR Father in Heaven, as children come to an earthly parent, so we, Thy children, come to Thee. We acknowledge Thy goodness in keeping us in safety during the night, and in the mercies renewed to us with the return of the day. While we have been locked in slumber, Thou hast sustained us, and the morning of a new day finds us with renewed vigor for its labor and toil.

As the day brings to us fresh obligations, fit us for their discharge. As new temptations make their appeal to us, strengthen us for their resistance. In new battles we may have to fight, lead us to victory. Fortify us against the evil we may have to meet, and make us responsive to every uplifting and helpful influence. May the evil tendencies in our nature constantly grow less insistent. May the spirit of love to Thee and to all become the fixed characteristic of our lives.

Accept our gratitude for daily renewed mercies. Give us pardon for all our sins. Keep us as a family from harm and evil today, and when our days on earth are past, bring us to the Heavenly home. We ask it in Christ's name.


Rev. J.W. Stewart,
Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

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