Monday, January 30, 2006

A different kind of writer's block

There is more than one type of writer's block. Calligraphers experience a form of writers block. Sometimes there is nothing more enchanting than the blank page. When the energy and imagination are engaged it is an invitation spend a day immersed in letters. But there are times when the blank page mocks you. "You're out of practice. You just don't have it anymore. Give up before you humiliate yourself."

I am working on my son's wedding invitation. It is slow going. I am out of practice. I am older now and I feel the effects of fibromyalgia and arthritis. I have lost my confidence. This is not just another project. It's important to me, to him, to my future daughter in law.

This is what calligraphers do when they have writer's block. They attack the blank page randomly; quickly and without a lot of thought to form and arrangement.

And if all else fails, they re-organize all their supplies and clean their desktop and decide to blog about it. . .

Karen, at Sower's Corner, has posted her wedding invitation, lettered in Calligraphy by her mother-in-law. Thanks for sharing that, Karen!

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