Tuesday, January 31, 2006


From the time they tucked that little sweet smelling bundle of baby boy into my arms I have wondered, "What will he be like? What kind of man will he grow up to be? Who will he marry? What kind of father will he be? What will he make of his future?"

I have had reason to reflect upon these thoughts anew because our firstborn son, John, is getting married. I've been going through his pictures one by one. Each one brings along with it a memory of John. John as a newborn. John the night owl. John, the toddler, who learned to walk at nine months and run soon after. The first day of kindergarten. His first pair of glasses. Playing Little League Baseball. Learning to drive. His first job. Graduating from college.

Parents pay attention to the way their children's characters are developing. I can say without hesitation that in every way, John has grown into the kind of man that we hoped and prayed he would be. I have tried to think of a single word that describes John. Many come to mind: kind, patient, hard-working, easy going, fun loving, conversationalist. He is all those things--and more--but the word I would use is faithful. John is faithful in the big things and the little things. He is a man who can be counted upon.

Our future daughter in law is a lucky girl. She is marrying a man who is faithful--to his family, to his values, to his God.

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