Friday, February 17, 2006

God's Minute 2/17

February 17

Sing unto the Lord with Thanksgiving.--Psalm 147:7

HEAVENLY FATHER, we thank Thee for opening to us the doorway of a new day; and now that our feet stand upon the threshold of this great opportunity, we pray for guidance, wisdom, love, and power. Thou hast seen fit to draw a curtain before our eyes, so that we know not what a day may bring forth. As we journey into the wilderness of the future, a pillar of cloud has hovered about us so that we cannot tell what enemies shall meet us today, what duties shall present themselves for performance, what temptations may grapple with us by the wayside, what sloughs of despair may await our unwary feet, yet we know that with Thy divine help we shall be more than victors through Him Who loved us. Keep us, O God; our boat is so small, and Thy ocean is so vast. Enable us to lay aside every weight and sin which does so easily beset us. May Thy Fatherly protection be over those who are dear to us. Bless our enemies, if we have any, and give us right spirits to all mankind. Hasten the coming of Thy Kingdom, when injustice, impurity, unhappiness, and sin, shall be put down, and when love, truth, honor, and justice shall prevail in the Name of the Lord. Hear us now in this, our pryaer. In Jesus' Name.


Rev. Charles C. Selecman,
Los Angeles, California

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