Monday, February 06, 2006

God's Minute 2/6

February 6

To all which believe, He is precious.--1 Peter 2:7

HEAVENLY FATHER, Thou Who art the author, sustainter and developer of life, from Whom we came, in Whom we live and move and have our being, and to Whom we shall go, we pray that our souls may be conscious of the larger life of which we are a part, that we may find its deepest realities, understand its eternal principles, experience its mighty forces, and move with its persistant current toward its divine goal. We thank Thee for Jesus, for His consciousness of the largeness of Thy life. We thank Thee that faith in Him and the reception of His spirit and the adoption of His life principles make real to us the same divine life that was so vital to Him. Forgive us for ever tainting or circumscribing Thy life within us, for living only within the narrow confines of our own little lives, for failing to realize the largeness of the great spiritual world around us, for keeping aloof from any part of human life, and for devoting our energies and time to the sinful or lesser life objectives. We pray Thee to widen and deepen our life experiences, to keep us in sympathetic touch with all mankind, to help us make our lives genuine contributions to the progressive and divine life movements of the world, and to have a real part in bringing all members of the Father's family to know the length, breadth, depth, and heighth of the fulness of His life.


Charles Herbert Rust, D.D.,
Rochester, New York

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