Wednesday, March 01, 2006

God's Minute 3/1

Let them that love Thy Name be joyful in Thee.--Psalm 5:11

MOST Gracious Father, we lift up our hearts unto Thee, fromWhom alone comes our strength. Help us to trust Thee so wholly that we trust Thee in the dark. Thy mercies are fresh every morning and renewed to us every night. Help us to praise Thee for Thy goodness and rest in Thy love. Thy knowest what we have need of before we ask Thee. Grant us all that Thou seest we need. Save us from suffering and want, from sickness and misery, from doubt and perplexity, from temptation and sin. Teach us that Thou carest for us, and nothing can harm us or separate us from Thy love. Relieve us from anxiety and fear, that our minds may be at leisure from themselves to soothe and sympathize. Make us useful in the world in which Thou hast placed us, and zealous in service to Thee. Forgive us our sins, in Jesus Christ; give us Thy Spirit to dwell within us, and grant us the joy of conscious communion with Thee. Conform us ever more closely to Thine image as Thou hast revealed it to us in Jesus Christ; lead us in the paths of holiness; and take us at last unto Thyself to dwell forever in Thy presence, the recipients of Thy favor and love. And all we ask, we ask in the Name and for the sake of Thy Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.


Benjamin B. Warfield, D.D., L.L.D.,
Princeton, New Jersey

His books

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As Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones wrote of BBW's writings, "His mind was so clear and his literary style so chaste and lucid that it is a real joy to read his works and one derives pleasure and profit at the same time."

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