Tuesday, March 21, 2006

God's Minute 3/21

The Lord preserveth the faithful.--Psalm 31:23

ALMIGHTY and Most Merciful One, we humble ourselves before Thee and adore Thy power as well as Thy love; Thy bounty, as well as Thy compassion; Thy sovereign providence as well as Thy forgiving mercy. Lord, give to us--Thou knowest better what to give than we to ask. Direct graciously all the affairs of each of us this day; be in the performance of the household duties and sanctify our home life; go out with those who go out to the business of life this day, and prosper their labors and their plans. Find some blessed helpfulness for each of us today, and let us also find it. Encompass in like manner with Thy gracious providence all our loved ones, in their homes, in preparation for life work, in their daily avocations, in their accustomed places or on a journey, in sickness or in health. Lift our eyes above the narrow little circle of our own horizon in life, to the great work of God, and to the Kingdom of God, of which we are a part. Lord, humble us to the dust. Guard and guide our ways this day, that we may go to meet temptation "led of the Spirit," and so shall "find the way of escape" and go safely forward in the way of faith and hope and loving service of Thee. In Jesus' Name.


Melvin Grove Kyle, D.D., LL. D.,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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