Sunday, May 14, 2006

God's Minute

May 14

A Prayer for Mother's Day

LORD, I thank Thee for the tender care and constant prayer of a godly mother. May the "unfeigned faith" that dwelt in her dwell in her son also. Help me to keep ever before me the high ideal of service and character which she impressed upon the mind of my youth. Help me to make bright the sunset of her days and by my life and faith to be a living answer to her prayers; and when I mourn "as one that mourneth for his mother," may her memory still be with me, a star to guide me on my journey through the broken and uneven ways of life till traveling days are o'er. In the name of Him whose last earthly thought was for His mother, when He said to that disciple whom He loved, "Son, behold thy mother."


Clarence Edward MacCartney, D.D.,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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