Friday, July 07, 2006

God's Minute

July Seventh

Great is Thy faithfulness.--Lamentations 3:23

May we never forget to be thankful to Thee, our Father. Thou dost daily load us with benefits. Thou art continually planning for our welfare; yet we are indifferent to Thy great goodness. We pray, and our prayers are answered, but we forget often to say, "Thank You."

Make us more mindful of Thee, of our dependence upon Thee, and of Thy readiness to supply all our needs. Then may we do more than speak our praise; may we live our praise, and show our love to Thee by our acts.

Be present with us in our home. Teach us to trust Thee, to listen to Thy Word, to do Thy will. Teach us the joy of serving Thee. When doubt disturbs us, may we have a vision of Thee that will take away all distress. Forbid it that we should darken the days of others by doubting words.

Forgive our sins, and make us more earnest in prayers, in gifts, in service. Let our home be a center from which blessings go out to neighbors near and far. And show us how to live always to the praise of Thy Holy Name.


John T. Faris, D. D.,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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