Friday, August 11, 2006

Garage Sale: Day One

Today was the first day of our two day garage sale. It was a rousing success a dismal failure a great reminder of why I don't like having garage sales.

I am a softy. I price things and then I usually end up reducing my price by half giving things away; both figuratively and literally.

But that's OK. Some "just starting out new home school moms" got some great deals. And some freebies. And a listening ear. And a shoulder to cry on.

I made $68 today. I paid $28 to advertise the sale for three days and I promised Sam a $17 Three Stooges T-Shirt for helping me lug everything out to the garage and getting it all organized and set up. So I didn't really make $68.

But I did snap these pictures of Eve. She was sitting on my lap in the lawn chair when I snapped them. Extreme close ups. Don't you love them?

This is one of my most common views of Eve. Eyeball to eyeball while she's trying to kiss my nose.

Here she's doing what Eve does best (second only to giving loving looks and kisses). . .Squirrel Patrol!

She's pretty sure if she stays on point that rascally (and, I think, imaginary) squirrel will be totally immobilized.

She's really getting white around the whiskers now, but isn't she aging beautifully?

So anyway, even though I didn't sell much, the day was absolutely perfect (low 70's, no humidity, and a gentle breeze), I got some great pictures of Eve, I talked to my mom in Ohio for about 25 minutes (within our cell phone plan so it was free), chatted with my daughter in law and various neighbors, listened to home school newbies, gave away some books and advice, and generally had a very nice day. It was a great reminder about what I do like about having garage sales (only my second one in almost 30 years of marriage!)

And, maybe I'll make some "sweet moola" tomorrow. After all, tomorrow IS another day!

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