Friday, August 18, 2006

God's Minute

August Eighteenth

How shall He not with Him. . .freely give us all things.--Romans 8:32

O GOD, our Father, we thank Thee that we may know how unfit we are to present ourselves before Thee, yet O our Saviour, Thy sufferings and death for us give us the precious knowledge that Thou dost love and will forgive us. We thank Thee that we may come so freely and tell Thee all that is in our hearts. We are deeply conscious of our weakness; we pray for strength and power. Many times we fail to do what we should; help us to make our lives useful and helpful to others.

Thou knowest, too, how many things fall to our hands to do; in the midst of it all, give us sweet hours of quiet and repose, keep us from becoming anxious or complaining. We ask for a trust in Thee that will still the soul and help us to see that Thou art in all our lives. Lord, Thou hast been so much to us, we want all the world to know Thee; help us ever to use Thy blessings that of those near and far away, some may be led to know and to love Thee. Help us to so live that our lives shall be a testimony of our love for Thee and thankfulness to Thee, for Jesus' sake.


Rev. Jacob W. Kapp,
Cincinnati, Ohio

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