Tuesday, September 19, 2006

God's Minute

September Nineteenth

Thou art a God ready to pardon, gracious and merciful. . .abundant in lovingkindness.--Nehemiah 9:17

ALMIGHTY GOD, Thy ways concerning us we do not always understand, for Thou dost lead us in paths that we know not of, and Thy ways are not as our ways, and Thy thoughts are not as our thoughts; but it is enough for us to know that Thy way is ever and always the best way. Help us to walk in it step by step, with all patience, hopefulness, and cheer, believeing that Thou wilt at last lead us into a large and quiet place. Wherein we have desired to do better and to be better Thou hast not scourged us with reproach, nor chided us for our past failures, not cast up in our faces our past misdeeds; but, rather, Thou has welcomed us at the Cross, and there upon the cross we behold the manifestation of Thy tenderest heart love. Fill the entire horizon of our lives, blot out every other figure, destroy the light of every other attraction, and grant that as we lift up our eyes we may see no one in our Redemption but Jesus and Jesus only! Be round about us as a great defense of fire. Help us trust Thee where we cannot trace Thee. May we never forget that, always and everywhere, God is Love. Sanctify Thine afflictive dispensations to our good and to the great glory of Thy Name. Help us to walk worthy of our calling in all things. We ask it in the name of Thy Son, our Saviour.


S. G. Neil, D.D.,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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