Friday, September 15, 2006

God's Minute

September 15

Thanksgiving . . . be unto our God for ever and ever.--Revelation 7:12

O THOU God of Heaven and earth, Thou Who hast established the home and sanctified it, bless, we pray Thee, this our home. May it be a place where Thou canst dwell, a place in whichThy Spirit shall reign supreme, a place which is a real home in every sense of the word.

May the home-maker be conscious this day of Thy presence, and may she lean upon Thee for strength and for help, and may the home-provider be led by Thee as he goes out to his work, and be sustained by Thee as he meets the trials and temptations that shall beset him, and be returned in health when the work of the day is all over, to this our home and resting place.

May nothing be allowed to mar our home relations, and may each member of this home be faithful and true. May the parents be all they ought to be to the children, teaching them by example as well as by precept, and may the children hold dear the lessons they learn from the parents, and may both parents and children be what they ought to be in the sight of the Lord.

This we ask in the name of Jesus our Redeemer.


Llewellyn L. Henson, D. D.,
Pueblo, Colorado

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