Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Why do I blog?

Many people have asked me that question. I have asked myself that question more times than I care to admit.

There are many reasons but chief among them is to share my love and faith in Jesus Christ and my love for His Word and His people.

This morning when I logged into my email, I found a note that a person in Shanghai, China had left in the comments on the September 18th God's Minute post. I would ask you to go and read it in it's entirety, but here's an excerpt:

I COME to you blog in September 1th. I was impressed by nothing except the book of “God's Minute” and the word of “hiraeth”. I admire the mood of hiraeth though it's pain but it's perpetual and glamorous, and I always the complex of hiraeth. I fond of the word in “God's Minute” and really appreciate it. I never have too much chance and permission to excess such books of divine. Times long ago I have red the book “the gadfly”, though it's a book of atheism. I thought the writer had exaggerated the behaviors of the man too much for his atheism, which looks really ridiculous. What I interest was the depiction of struggle of the belief. And to me, I pour all my commiseration to the lovely father. All day long, things that I don't know but I want to know makes me confused and I always repine at no guide for the life and no man can drug me out of the senseless world. When I read the words you excerpt from “God's Minute”,I feel calmness and revived with energy just like I have find the guide and someone have been my guard and always stands with me.

I'm bringing this to your attention so that you can pray for Yuekui. He (or she) has been encouraged and intrigued by the recorded prayers of the saints of times past, but salvation is not to be found in a book of prayer, no matter how encouraging. It is only to be found in the Word of God. Won't you join me in praying for and encouraging Yuekui in the days and weeks to come? It is nearly impossible and even dangerous to possess a Bible in China. Would you pray with me that Yuekui might be able to have access to the Bible? That God would put him in contact with other Christians who can share the Gospel with him and come alongside him and teach him? And especially that God would so work in his heart and life through the truth of His Word and the work of the Spirit that he would be given the gift of faith in Christ.

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