Friday, November 24, 2006

No Shopping Zone

And So it Begins

The day after Thanksgiving is the traditional opening day for Christmas shopping. All this week the television commercials were alerting saavy shoppers to the opening sales, some starting as early as 5 o' clock in the morning!

I will not be shopping with the hoardes of bargain hunters today. Not that I don't like to get a bargain. I do. However, the thought of leaving my cozy house before dark to face the mobs so I can compete for one of a limited number of ridiculously priced sale items leaves me cold.

I have my own day-after-Thanksgiving tradition. Today is the day that the boxes come down from the attic and I begin decorating for Christmas! That is infinitely more satisfying for me. The fridge is full of leftovers so the family won't go hungry if I don't cook today. Tom always has the day after Thanksgiving off, so I have a helper to bring the boxes down from the attic and move the furniture.

Hopefully, if all goes as planned, this evening Tom and I will be sitting in the dark in the sunroom in front of a sparkling Christmas tree. I can't wait!

Let the fun begin!

(Christmas fun began last night; after the Thanksgiving feast was cleaned up and the leftovers were stowed away, our family sat down and watched one of our favorite Christmas movies--Elf.)

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