Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm back

Well, sort of. My son, John, brought over his laptop for me to use until I get my computer back. Hopefully, I'll get it back tomorrow--Monday at the latest. For a while I felt a little lost without the computer, but I've managed to stay busy. My laundry is all caught up--amazing! : )

This morning I had a strange bout of double vision, which lasted for several hours. One of my friends asked me if I thought God might be trying to get my attention--first the computer crashed and then problems with my eyesight. No computer and no books. She said it in jest, but just before I started noticing the double vision, I had been reading two sermons by Jonathan Edwards; one on the Preciousness of Time and one on Procrastination. Both sermons are very convicting, therefore, I have not procrastinated in spending some time in self examination and in seeking God's direction for how I might best "redeem my time."

Here's a thought: what would you think if I should decide to use all Jonathan Edwards quotes for my weekly quotes in the coming year? His works are eminently quotable and provide much food for thought. So, what do you think? If you want to weigh in on this idea, leave me a note in the comments.