Friday, February 17, 2006

For Missmellifluous. . .

. . .who lives in a sunny clime.

Yesterday's weather was very strange. The morning started out with a light layer of snow that fell during a "thunder snow." The thunder was quite loud at times, rumbling and sustained and occasionally accompanied by lightening. This was followed by a gentle rain, escorted by a thin fog. It was not warm enough to melt the early snow; it was not cold enough to freeze the later rain. This created a sort of soupy mix of water and slush. Next came the freezing rain--not a lot, but enough to set the soup like gelatin. This was followed by a rapid decline in temperature and a swift increase in wind. The day ended, book-ended with another light snow; this time blown about on the surface of the icy soup.

The pictures really don't tell the story. It was strange!

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