Wednesday, March 08, 2006

God's Minute 3/8

Ask of God and He will give it Thee.--John 11:22

OUR Father, we thank Thee for the home with its protection and loving fellowship. Whatever else in may or may not be rich in, make it rich in the presence of Thy Holy Spirit in fulness and power.

Forgive and forget, we beseech Thee, for the sake of our Saviour and Thy dear Son the sins of our lives, and cleanse us in His precious blood.

Send each one of us forth filled with the spirit of our Master, which is the spirit of unselfish service. Strengthen us to do every proper task, teach us to be kind and helpful to others in Christ's name, make of us blessed channels of They mercies, and lead us into that pathway of life in which we can best glorify Thee and serve our fellowmen.

Make our home life continually more Christ-like, and may that life as well as our individual lives react for good on all with whom we come in contact. Hasten, through the service of our lives, the coming of Thy world-wide Kingdom, and the crowning of King Jesus, in Whose Name we pray.


Prof. William J. Martin,
Davidson, North Carolina

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