Monday, March 06, 2006

Good-bye Rocky

When we had to put our Yorkie down in '98, I swore I would never get another dog. Never. Truth was, I didn't really want another dog. I missed Maxi--we all did--but missing her did not translate into wanting another dog in the family.

We thought we were "cat people." We had two spoiled beloved kitty-boys and that was enough. . .until we met Rocky.

Rocky was an amazing dog. He was beautiful, loving, patient, loving, smart, loving, well-mannered, loving. Did you get the idea he was a loving dog? Rocky loved everyone and everyone loved Rocky. He was one of a kind.

Today my dear friends, Chad and Allyson, had to make a very hard decision. They made it because their faithful friend was failing and hurting. And now they are hurting.

Chad and Allyson, I am hurting with you. I will miss Rocky. I will never forget him. I will always be thankful that he awakened that latent "doggy desire" in our family; so much so that we now have our two beloved dogs.

Good bye, Rocky. You were quite a dog.

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