Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Shining Pathway

March is Here

by Lawrence Keister

SUNSHINE floods the peaceful land,
Grass is growing, leaves expand;
Summer must be drawing near--
So it seems, for March is here.

Nature clothes herself in white,
Doing this just over night;
Wind is roaring, sky is drear--
Can it be that March is here?

Robins flit about the lawn,
As though winter now was gone,
Making room for spring-time cheer--
But remember! March is here!

Summer, Winter, here contend
Each may win, the two may blend;
Days are dark--as often clear,
What a mixture! March is here!

Buds awake from winter nap,
Feel the flow of rising sap,
All unconscious of the cost
They must pay for each late frost.

Summer comes when winter goes,--
Leaves and fruit and fragrant rose,
Balmy breezes, friendly sky--
Call up March and say Good-bye!

From The Shining Pathway.

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