Monday, May 08, 2006

God's Minute

May 8

If ye forgive. . .your Father will forgive you.--Matthew 6:14

OUR FATHER, we praise Thee for the blessings that crown us morning and evenng, for the love that abides with us through the darkness and the light.

With contrite hearts we confess our sins, pleading for the cleansing that God gives through the atoning blood of the Cross, and for the sanctifying power that causes us to grow into the beauty and strength of the Christ life.

Master, we dedicate ourselves to Thee for service. Wherever we may be and whatever the task that may be laid upon us, help us to be Christ-like. May we touch other lives with blessing, communicating the Spirit that cheers the depressed, comforts the sorrowful, suppplies the needy, encourages the weak, and leads the unredeemed soul to the Saviour. Thou hast honored us by calling us to be co-laborers with Thyself, the God Who works. May we toil in the fulness of our powers, to the end that earth may become like Heaven.

Father, keep us true to the highest ideals. Give us, in ever increasing measure, the peace that passeth understanding, and in life's evening hour may the light of the Glory Land be upon our faces.

Our prayer is in Jesus' Name.


W.E. McCulloch, D.D.,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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