Friday, May 05, 2006

An offering

For those of you who haven't read about it, my dogs are in a daily competition for who gets to sleep on "Mom's end of the Couch."

You really must read that post to appreciate Ivy's tactic for the day to get Eve to give up the coveted spot. Yesterday morning, Ivy presented Eve with an offering of their favorite toy. Eve, who sleeps very soundly was oblivious to Ivy's advances. Ivy circled and circled, nudging the toy closer to her sleeping opponent. She was determined to get that spot. Eve was out like a light. It was really funny to watch Ivy's frustration building as Eve ignored her. Ivy is not used to being ignored and she didn't like it one single bit. Eventually she had to resort to the trick that always works--barking like a mad dog and racing to the sunroom. Eve took off like a shot to take up her squirrel watching position. I expected that Ivy would take the spot, but instead, she nosed the toy to the floor and stalked off, triumphant still, somehow.

I wonder what was going on in that doggy brain?

Today she is a very thirsty girl. Last night I had five large pieces of pizza leftover from Sam's dinner awaiting Jake when he got off work. After dinner the rest of the family went hither and yon while I worked on printing our church's service folder for this Sunday and doing laundry in the basement.

When Jake came home and asked what I had ready for him for dinner, I absent-mindedly directed him to the paper plate full of pizza. You know the rest of the story--no pizza. We looked in the fridge (just in case) the microwave (just in case) the fridge again. Nothing but an empty paper plate on the counter and one very innocent looking dog. Grrr.

The growl is for me more than her. When, oh when, will I learn?

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