Monday, May 15, 2006

God's Minute

May 15

Yet I will not forget Thee.--Isaiah 49:15

OUR Heavenly Father, with grateful hearts we offer Thee our thanks this morning. Thou has caused us to dwell in safety during the night; refreshing sleep has invigorated us, and we look forward courageously to the duties of this new day. Were it not for the assurance we have that whatever the trial, perplexity, or difficulty which the coming hours may bring, they bring no surprise to Thee, we should hesitate to step out into the unknown.

We pray that as we separate from one another to engage in our daily vocations, there may be no separation from Thee. As we work for others, may our service be given faithfully, as unto Thee, O Lord, rather than unto men. If our labours be those of the common round of the home, with many irritating interruptions, enable us to triumph by the display of a calm, unruffled temper, and thus witness to Thine own indwelling power in our lives. Let not the enemy of our souls gain advantage over any of us this day. Thou art stronger than he. Help us to be on our guard against him. Lord Jesus, may we have Thy mind today, that we may exhibit unselfishness, and be concerned about the needs and the sufferings of others. We make these requests in the name of our Lord Jesus.


George M. Paden,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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