Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Hostess with the Most-est

A long, long time ago, my dear friend Robin, invited us to stay at her home during the wedding weekend. As a seasoned veteran of weddings, (all three of her children are now married) she knew better than we did what kind of weekend was in front of us, so she asked us to stay at her "empty nest." She knew that if we stayed with her, there would be more room for out of town relatives to stay with our parents and that they could accomodate more overnight guests. She has lots of room and lots of bathrooms and one of the most beautiful, welcoming homes you could ever hope to visit. Robin and Dan put up with a long weekend of the Shenberger family using their home as a launching pad for all the various wedding activities. What a gracious hostess she is and how wonderful it is to have friends like Robin and Dan who put their own schedules on hold to accomodate our crazy schedule! She even stayed up so we could chat when we got home last night.

Robin, thank you, again! I hardly know the right words to tell you how much your love and friendship have meant to me over all these years! And most especially how much your kind hospitality contributed to what was a wonderful wedding weekend! Thank you! I love you!

Thanks, too, to another dear friend, Kim, from the Upward Call. She faithfully logged into my Blogger account and posted the God's Minute prayers every day we were gone! It's wonderful to have a friend that I've never "met" be so willing to help! Thanks, Kim! Your friendship means so much to me!

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