Monday, May 22, 2006

Upon further review. . .

I know I said that the wedding day was perfect! And when I said that, I really did mean it. But as I've been thinking through the day for two days now, there was one small thing that wasn't perfect. In fact it was downright annoying.

Just as the minister opened his mouth to say, "Dearly Beloved" a baby started to cry and then about 20 seconds after that, someone's cell phone went off (to the theme of the TV series "Law and Order", I am told.) Whoever it was must've been too embarrassed to turn it off, because it went on and on.

The baby crying didn't bother me a bit. Babies cry. Mom's wish they didn't, but they do and sometimes at the worst possible moment! No one can prevent a baby from crying sometimes. But a cell phone ringing? That was totally preventable and entirely unnecessary, don't you think?

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