Monday, July 03, 2006

God's Minute

July Third

As Jesus prayed the heavens were opened.--Luke 3:21

O LORD our Heavenly Father, as Thou hast graciously spared us to the light of another morning, accept Thou our glad thanksgiving for this and all Thy countless mercies to us.

Pardon us wherein we have grieved Thee in the past. Grant unto us, we humbly beseech Thee, all such benefits for body, mind and spirit as Thou seest best for us this day. Show us Thy will, and may it be our pleasure.

Impart unto us such faith in Thee that we may successfully meet all the testings that await us. May ours be the patience, the courage, and the joy of those who know Thy love and have learned the secret of the Lord. Make Thy blessings to us to be, throught us, Thy gifts to our world.

Remember in Thy mercy, our loved ones in their especial needs. Comfort and heal the afflicted. Bless all who toil.

Give through Thy Church, salvation to the Nation and to all people, and speed the time when earth shall be done with evil and over all shall be established the sceptre of Thy Son, our blessed Saviour.


John Edward Bushnell, D.D.,
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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