Sunday, June 25, 2006

Get Real Monday

Randi has asked us to "get real" when it comes to our shoes.

She also says you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, so I feel a little nervous about what may be learned about me by my shoes; nevertheless, here is a picture of my favorite Bass sandals.

I've had them for about 1o years. I've "replaced" them every year for the last three or four, but I just don't like my new "replacement" sandals, so I always revert to these favorites. As you can tell, they've been through a lot. Someday I'll show you my favorite purse. . . it doesn't look much better.

[UPDATE] Since I can't think of a reason I would ever show you a picture of my old purse, if not today--here it is.

In order to understand my attachment to this purse you must first understand that I am cheap. Cheap, cheap, cheap. And that for years I never carried a purse. Diaper bags sufficed for many years and once I finally put them to rest, I would usually just tuck my ID and the checkbook into the back pocket of my jeans when I went shopping. [Which usually meant shopping for groceries because I hate to shop (my friend, Robin, tells me that she thinks I missed out on the "shopping gene.")]

Long story short, when it became increasingly evident to me that carrying a purse would be a good and maybe even a necessary thing, I started shopping for a purse. Oh, the agony! I just don't like them. None of the ones I looked at seemed to fit. Until I saw this one in a leather store with a price tag of $200.00. Now remember, I am cheap. But I am also one of those people who hangs on to things forever. I was so conflicted. This is the purse I like, but $200??!! My husband reminded me that if I'd have bought a bunch of purses for every season for all the years we'd been married, I would have spent WAAAY more than $200, and he urged me to buy it. And so I did. And I still love it and I still carry it.

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