Sunday, July 09, 2006

God's Minute

July Ninth

Jesus said, I thank Thee and Praise Thee, O Lord of Heaven.--Matthew 11:25

OUR Father, we thank Thee for all Thy gracious care, new every morning and continued every evening; for life and health; for food and raiment and home; for Thy presence which sanctifies and blesses all our human relationships.

May we spend this day as in Thy sight. Keep us, we pray, pure in heart and clean in life. Make us strong in temptation, brave in danger, patient and courageous in sorrow or trial, faithful in every trust. Preserve undimmed the light that glows on our home altar. Guard out lips, that we may speak no unkind or thoughtless word; our hearts, that we may think unselfish and generous thoughts; and our hands, that we may help one another.

If it be best for us, keep us from sickness and death, that in gladness we may serve Thee; but if misfortune befall us, do Thou draw us close to Thyself and comfort us, that our faith may not fail.

Bless all homes. Have compassion on the homeless. Through human kindness make Thy love known to all men, and in mercy grant us a place at length in Thy Heavenly Home, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Charles W. McCormick, D.D., Ph.D.,
Brooklyn, New York

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