Sunday, July 30, 2006

God's Minute

July Thirtieth

God had dealt to every man the measure of faith.--Romans 12:3

OUR Father, we thank Thee that Christ hath led us to Thee, and now in His name we pray for Thy perfect blessing.

Refresh us with Thy joyous strength. We humbly await Thy Spirit's work in us and through us. Cleanse our hearts and free our lives from every defiling and hindering thing. Fashion us into the Master's mind and habit. Lift our thoughts from self to the needs of others. Give us to see the fields of humanity white to harvest. Lay heavy burdens of toil upon us, and give us the joy of the reaper in the sure wages of the Kingdom.

May we give in running-over measures, so that those who receive shall become generous also. May we so rebuke ourselves without mercy--and others in love--that we and they shall be glad to correct our ways. Provide for our real needs out of Thy unwasted fulness. Keep us so near to Thee that we may know the joyful sound and walk in the light of Thy countenance. And whenever we are allowed to choose our topic, may we triumphantly present Jesus to those with whom we walk and talk. And now as we go forth or stay in, may we have the grace of God fromt he God of Peace, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.


Herbert Judson White, D.D.,
Hartford, Connecticut

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