Friday, July 28, 2006

God's Minute

July Twenty-eighth

I will praise Thee with my whole heart; before the gods will I sing praise unto Thee. I will worship toward Thy holy temple, and praise Thy Name for Thy loving kindness and for Thy truth; for Thou hast magnified Thy word above all Thy Name.--Psalm 138:1-2

DEAR Father, we thank Thee for a restful night, for sleep, and for Thy care. Now we look to Thee for a blessing as we begin a new day. May we pass through it without hurt, or sickness or death.

May we not fail in doing our work; in everything may we remember Thee, and honor Thee in our words as well as our acts. Give us love for Thee in our hearts, and perfect trust that Thou wilt direct us, and bring to pass what is for our good. Supply us with everything needful, and make us happy in Thy love. Bless Thy people everywhere, and help the missionaries and ministers in their work, that all who dwell upon this earth may soon learn of Jesus Christ and His love and desire to save them. Give help to those in want, and strength to the weak. Remember all who are dear to us, according to their needs. And forgive all our sins for the sake of Jesus Christ, our Saviour.


William C. Stoever,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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