Monday, July 31, 2006

God's Minute

Jesus saith, have faith in God.--Mark 11:22

OUR Father Who art in Heaven, we come into Thy presence with full hearts to thank Thee for Thy many mercies: first of all, that Thou dost permit us to call Thee "Father," and that out of Thy tender compassion Thou art ever ready to receive us in love, and to help us to overcome the evil in our natures. We thank Thee for Thy wonderful provision--"Whosoever will may come and take of the water of life freely," and that the "whosoever" includes us, and that we know that when we approach Thee in a spirit of repentance, we are not turned away. O Father, may we catch a clearer vision ofwhat Thou art willing to do for us. Grant that we may ever be ready to respond to Thy call to bear Thy message to others, and may we be able to bring someone a definite conception of Thee and Thy love. May each of us be a willing instrument in Thy hands for the advancement of Thy Kingdom, and we pray Thee to grant us an open mind toward the daily opportunities for helping our fellowmen. May the love of self be withdrawn from our hearts, to be replaced by a full portion of love to Thee. May the time soon come when all the world shall know Thee in the forgiveness of sin.


Edwin R. Graham,
Chicago, Illinois

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