Friday, August 04, 2006

An Excellent Grammar Resource

Just now, when I was writing a little note about Hugh Thomson Kerr in the post below, I read what I had written and thought it seemed awkward. Here's the paragraph:

If you've never yet read any of the links I've supplied which/that provide a little background to the men and women who have written these prayers, this would be the one to read. Hugh Tomson Kerr was founder and editor of Theology Today for nearly 50 years up until his death in 1992. The link I have provided takes you to the memorial, which/that was written by the Editors of Theology Today and printed in the magazine. Tim, as he was called, must have been a remarkable man. I would like to have known him and had a chance to talk with him.
The problem I was having was a common one that I always seem to struggle with with which I always seem to struggle and can never seem to remember: the old which/that bugaboo. A quick Google search sent me to a great online resource: Common Errors in English, by Paul Brians.

Here's the entry on that/which. Uh, oh. Better go back and add a comma before "which."

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