Thursday, August 03, 2006

God's Minute

August Third

It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.--Psalm 118:8

GREAT God of Hosts, Who reigns above and in our hearts, for all the gracious favors of today which bless and strengthen us, we give Thee thanks. Let not our gratitude be limited to words, but be expressed in every impulse, thought and deed, and serve to draw us nearer to Thee; for we desire to praise Thee with our lives and not alone with suppliant words.

Our weakness and faults, which ofttimes grow to errors and misdeeds, forgive--nay, cover them with Thine eternal love. Restore our wills, too prone to bend to sinful things which we give place to in our lives. Cleanse all our thoughts and plant the seeds of righteousness within our minds. Uproot from in our hearts the tendency toward wrong our selfish interest or pride, and put instead the love of truth and a yearning for a Christlike life with knowledge to attain it.

Should trials come, O Jesus, be Thou near; encourage with Thy presence, strengthen with Thy power. If temptations come, O fill our hearts with holy and heroic resolution that we will yield ourselves to Thee and not to them; and may tomorrow find us still drawing nearer, Lord, to Thee. This we ask for Jesus' sake.


Rev. S. Clark Riker,
Cincinnati, Ohio

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