Monday, August 21, 2006

Wonder what the neighbors thought

I got up a little later this morning. You know how it is. Summer is almost over, school is right around the corner. If you're going to laze around in bed and not get up until after 6 you better do it now, right?

So I got up, put on the coffee, let the dogs out and noticed how cool the air is this morning. Almost no humidity. Even my "so far coffee-less" brain realized that it was time to cut off the air conditioning and open up the windows for some fresh air. So, I went around opening up windows, reveling in the cool breeze, wishing for once that I did have some curtains at the windows, if only to see them lift in the breeze. I could hear the morning sounds of my neighborhood as I went to the kitchen to pour my coffee. "This is a lovely morning," I thought to myself.

Came out to the office and booted up my computer. Sipped my coffee as I opened my Outlook to check my email. The first email that popped in was from my friend, Jules, of Everyday Mommy. The subject line: Blog Design. I put my coffee down. My heart started beating a little faster.

You see, Jules has been after me for quite some time to let her "do a little simple banner" for my blog. She knew that I have been working on one for myself, but she also noticed it was taking me forever, so last week she asked me if she could at least do something "temporary" until my design was ready. I thankfully agreed and sent her a scanned copy of a doodle I did of the word Hiraeth when I was trying out a lettering style for another project. "See if you can do anything with this" is what I think I said.

And look at what she did! I opened a browser and called up my blog and gasped and called, "TOM! come look at this!!!" I'll bet my neighbors wonder what in the world was going on around here!

Oh, but isn't it beautiful? Thank you, Jules, from the bottom of my heart. It is lovely. It feels like "me." I doubt I'll ever want to change it because I know it was a gift from the heart of a very talented friend and I will remember that every time I look at my blog.

You can see more of Jules' beautiful designs at Everyday Designs. (And no, she didn't ask me to advertise her work but I want you to see it!)

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