Thursday, September 21, 2006

More evidence. . .

. . .that "Dan is the Man."

Dan, of Teampyro, takes on a greatly cherished and greatly misunderstood aspect of our Christian faith--Prayer.

It take a brave man to challenge our cherished misconceptions. Here's a sample:

Prayer is not a dialogue. Prayer is not a conversation. Prayer has no intrinsic power, whatever.

"What?! Heresy!"

Show me from the Bible. In the Bible, what I say to God is prayer, what He says to me is revelation, it is prophecy. If I am a Christian, I talk to Him. If He talks directly to me, unmediated, I am a prophet, or a seer. And I'm neither; nor are you.
Before you shout, "Heresy!," go read his post.

Bravo, Dan!

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