Monday, October 02, 2006

God's Minute

October Second

Thou art my God; early will I seek Thee.--Psalm 63:1

OUR Heavenly Father, Who hath kept us through the night and given us a new day, we thank Thee for all Thy gifts. We thank Thee for renewed strength of body, and for refreshment of mind. We thank Thee for the new opportunities that come with the new day--the opportunity to learn, the opportunity to be kind, the chance to work, and the chance to pray. We failed yesterday in leaving undone things that we should have done, and in doing things that we ought not to have done; but Thou hast given us today in which to begin anew. We look to Thee, the Giver of all good, for help to spend the day in ways Thou dost approve.

May Thy peace possess our hearts. Grant us that perfect love that casteth out fear. In all our ways we would acknowledge Thee, that Thou mayest direct our paths. We beseech Thee to give unto us that measure of Thy sustaining grace that will make us victorious over temptation, patient when tried, kind and helpful and loving in all our relations with others. Help us to be faithful in the little things of daily life, and in everything to seek first the Kingdom of God, that our lives may conform to Thy perfect plan, and that we may glorify Thee in accomplishing the work Thou dost give us to do. We ask it for Christ's sake.


Rev. M. F. McCutcheon, B.A.,
Montreal, Canada

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