Monday, November 27, 2006

Doggy Kisses

Ivy loves visitors. So much so that, unless our guests are confirmed dog lovers who don't mind a sloppy, wet kiss and some paws on the shoulders, she is often confined to her crate when we have guests. Thankfully, she has learned to accept this, not as a punishment, but as the regular order of things so having guests in our home is never a problem. Eve is quiet and calm and friendly, so we really wouldn't need to crate her, but Ivy KNOWS when Eve is allowed out when she isn't and since she has a well developed sense of fair play, it's just easier to crate Eve, too. She doesn't mind.

Having said that, Ivy is always allowed out and about when the kids' friends are here or when our guests are true dog lovers--like last night. Our friends Mike and Sharon came for dinner last night. Both love all dogs in general and our dogs in particular. They have known Ivy since she was a little 8 week old red blurrrr and so they are used to her exuberance. Mike especially likes Ivy. He revels in her happy, joyful energy. Here are some pictures I snapped when they were here last night:

That's Ivy, belly up, rolling and wagging and licking. Eve is the polite dog, cuddled up beside him.

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