Monday, November 13, 2006

My 50 pound baby

If I'm sitting on the couch, Ivy's on my lap. If I'm laying on the couch, Eve hops up and then I have two dogs sprawled on top of me, vying for position. Vizslas are a lot like toddlers. They like to crawl up on your lap and cuddle. They need to know exactly where you are at all times. Left to themselves, they are often mischievous and get into trouble and make messes, but somehow, you just can't get mad at them. They need a lot of attention. Just like a toddler. When they climb up onto your lap and cuddle in, they heave a big sigh of contentment, just like a toddler. They like a regular routine. Shake them up too much and they get clingy.

It's a lot of doggy togetherness and it's not for everyone. But as for me and my house, we can't imagine life without the little red devils angels.

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