Thursday, March 09, 2006

God's Minute 3/9

The Lord is good to the soul that seeketh Him.--Lamentations 3:25

INFINITE FATHER, Thou art our life and light, our hope and redemption. We have tried the world and found it a treat emptiness; we come back to Thee Who art eager to fill our souls with everlasting truth and mercy.

We come with a song in our hearts, for the list ofThy benefits is beyond our counting. We thank Thee for the stirring, stimulating days of the prestent, with their opportunities for improvement and service, their concern for the poor and ignorant. We thank Thee for the mysterious, inviting days which are to come, laden with secret stores for our replenishing, hidden delights, and dark experiences for our training.

We thankThee for the silent heroisms of the home; for the hallowed drudgeries of hospital and sick chamber. We thankThee that, despite the cleaverness of wicked men and the foolishness of good men, the Kingdom makes steady advance. Thy bounty unto us is without boundaries. And yet we baffle Thy plans, thwart Thy love, and wander wretchedly from the way of Jesus. We return unto Thee this morning to have our stains removed, our petty shams stripped away, and our hearts fortified. Have compassion upon us, and bring us all by and by to our Father's home, through the riches of grace in Christ Jesus.


Rev. Hugh Elmer Brown,
Seattle, Washington

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