Thursday, March 02, 2006

Making my own Spring

Can pansies and johnny jump-ups be far behind?

What are your favorite spring flowers?

Carol loves hyacinths.

Beth loves all the spring flowers, but the scent of gardenias is her favorite.

I love paper narcissis, daffodils, tulips, and crocuses, but my favorites are pansies, johnny-jump ups, violas and violets. They have such sweet faces.

We have wood violets in our yard that come up all on their own; white, purple, and blue. I can't wait!


I forgot to mention that I heard birdsong this morning at 5:30ish when I let Eve out to go potty. Real early morning birdsong! And I have one of those plastic sticks in the yard now that tells me that the lawn service has applied the first spring treatment.

What signs of spring have you noticed?

Beth has a picture of a crocus AND a bee!

Allyson has pictures of spring flowers in her very own garden!

Island Sparrow of A Sparrow's Home has compiled some lovely posts of spring popping up all over the blogosphere.

Janna's friend called her to tell her of the first robin of the spring and she was able to open her windows, smell real spring air and hear her neighbor's windchimes. Spring is coming to KS!

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